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My name is Ashyana!

Founder & Owner of Final Call Dog Training

Hi there! I'm the founder of Final Call Dog Training and I have a deep passion for animals. Over the years, I've trained countless dogs and helped their owners better communicate with them. At Final Call Dog Training, we believe that every dog deserves a loving and caring home, and we're dedicated to creating lasting bonds between dogs and their owners through effective training techniques and personalized attention. No two dogs are the same and no two styles should be as well - I do everything from positive to balanced to help owners feel more comfortable and help dogs to understand what their owner is trying to ask them!


A Bit About Me

Ashyana has been working as a dog trainer since 2015, however her start in the dog world began back in 2007. For nearly two decades she has worked and trained herself in nearly every aspect of the dog industry, from dog sitting to attending and managing both a daycare and a kennel. She has been there and done that with almost every type of dog out there and used this knowledge to help educate owners on how to truly do good by their dog.


As a trainer, Ashyana has worked with hundreds of dogs - addressing everything from puppy biting to severe aggression cases. She has nearly a decade of experience in both behavior modification and personal protection work as well. Establishing Final Call in 2023, Ashyana chose to move her focus to the everyday dog owner. The ones that want to really know what their dogs are saying and the ones that want to be able to truly understand and be understood by their four-legged companion. Her goal is to always help you understand why a behavior is happening and while giving you the tools and guidance to overcome them together. Using a balanced method centered in establishing healthy boundaries she helps owners and dogs create open communication to deepen their bond.

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